Our experienced process piping team is dedicated to identifying any potential system deficiencies, and we provide comprehensive solutions to ensure that your facility’s piping systems are always operating at full capacity in order to meet your production needs. We have proficient

fitters and welders who use their experience to find the most cost effective way to get the job done, while still maintaining a safe work environment. Weems specializes in many forms of process piping including but not limited to the following: all schedules of stainless and carbon, titanium, hastelloy, stainless tubing, aluminum, copper, pvc and polypropylene.


Weems has a wide range of welding capabilities. These capabilities include the practice of mig, tig and stick welding. Our senior welders have over forty years of experience in structural, pressure vessel, pipe, sheet metal and fabrication welding with all forms and grades of steel. 


At Weems M&E, we have the people and equipment to work on a full range of

fabrication projects. Weems Engineering specializes in demanding projects of any size. We use the latest tools and software available to design and meet the unique needs and specifications of your projects. 

CNC Machine Shop

Weems offers a full service machine shop that is equipped to handle just about any job. Whether it's building rollers, or small parts, we have what it takes to get the job done, and done right the first time. 

Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal shop offers a wide range of sheet metal services which include but are not limited to the following: round and square ductwork, blowpipe, pans, catwalks, equipment guarding, flashing, funnels, squared to rounds, and much more.

Equipment Relocation

We have an experienced team of movers who offer full facility and machine dismantling and installation capabilities covering all industrial and commercial sectors. We provide equipment relocation services ranging from small pieces of equipment to complete production lines and facilities relocated or recycled.

Certified Welding

mechanical contractor in Dalton GA

Weems M&E is equipped and certified to complete all your welding needs including Stainless, Titanium, Carbon and Aluminum Welding. Certified procedures can be provided for all of the above mentioned procedures as well as NDE testing if required by customer. 

Laser Cutting

In 2018, Weems M&E purchased a Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber. This 2D flying optics fiber laser cutting system is capable of cutting 1" mild steel and has a bed capacity of 5'x10'. It's two pallet design allows for quicker loading and unloading while the machine operates. This results in quicker turn around times and lower costs while maintaining high standards of quality


Water Jet Cutting

Weems M&E is equipped with the latest in waterjet technology. We currently own and operate a 2013 Flow Mach III waterjet which can cut through thicknesses of 7” mild steel while still holding up to +/-.002”. The bed size and the machines cutting capability is 6.5’ x 26’. This machine is equipped with dynamic tilt to allow for true edges on thicker materials as well as beveled profiles when needed. The machine is also equipped with a scribe function to allow for machining and sheet metal layouts.


For more information about Flow Waterjet, please visit:



Millwright and Plant Maintenance

Our experienced field crews do it all from setting and maintaining equipment to repairing catwalks, piping and other various pieces of plant infrastructure. Let us help you with the the break downs and shut downs allowing you to keep you maintenance cost overhead low during normal operation. 

R and ASME U Stamp

Weems M&E proudly holds the National Board's R and U Stamp, and is equiped to handle any of your repair or pressure vessel fabrication needs. Any repairs that we make at your facility will be performed in accordance with the requirements of the National Board. 

Insulation Services

We provide value-added insulation services that allow you to reduce energy costs and emissions while enhancing process performance and personnel safety. Our insulation services utilize both heat and cold resistant insulation materials to cover all varieties of piping attached to plumbing fixtures.

Large Scale Sign Fabrication

We are proud of our image, and we want you to be proud of yours too. Let Weems be your go-to for all of your fabricated outdoor sign needs. Let our skilled design team put our 2013 Flow Mach III Waterjet to work for you. Let us help you transform any exterior wall of your facility into a larger-than-life display of your company's logo. We can produce your sign from just about any substrate, and custom colors can be applied to the finished product if desired. Let everyone know who you are - in style! Call us today for a quote on your next sign project.

Electrostatic Wet Painting Services

When it comes to putting the final touches on a part or piece of equipment, the paint job matters. At Weems, we use the latest in electrostatic wet coating technology to ensure that your project looks as good as it functions. By using an e-stat set up, we are able to apply color in our shop, or in your facility. The electrostatic function causes more of the paint to "wrap" around your part, instead of being blown around in the air. Bottom line: our electrostatic wet spray application keeps our costs lower, and we are able to pass that savings along to you.

CAD & 3-D Services

Weems M&E has the people and equipment to work on a full range of projects. When needed, 2-D and 3-D drawings will be provided for any project to ensure all characteristics are taken into account when providing solutions for manufacturing needs. Our shop operates on the Autodesk platform however we can export our drawings and rendering in any platform. 


Another service Weems M&E provides is FREE design estimates for all your projects and industry needs. We will give you an estimate for anything from a drawing on a napkin to an engineering specification.

Concrete and Aggregate

Weems M&E performs excavation and concrete services including equipment pads, trenching, grading, containment curbs, demolition etc. Offering these services compliments our other services in that we can provide turn key solutions.